New Xiaomi three-port charger is on the way, it can reach 140W power!

The new Xiaomi three-port charger is on the way, according to the information we have obtained in the past hours, there is a new Xiaomi charging adapter certificate detected on the China Quality Certification Center (CQC). Of course the company produces telephones with high charging powers, should not be silent about the adapter. Xiaomi, which has made 120W charging power standard in its flagship devices, continues to produce chargers with the power to charge these phones, and a new Xiaomi three-port charger is getting ready for release.

Xiaomi three-port charger reaches 140W!

The new Xiaomi three-port charger has been identified in the China Quality Certification Center (CQC) certificate with model number MDY-16-EA. Certificate shows the manufacturer as Xiaomi Communication Technology and the certificate number is 2023010907575784. According to the certification, this product has 3 outputs, 2 USB-C PD outputs and USB-A output. Output power values of Xiaomi’s new charger are as follows: 120W fast charging with a single port, 67W+67W or 100W+33W fast charging with dual ports and 45W+45W+50W, 65W+65W+10W and 100W+20W+20W fast charging combination with three ports.

Charger uses the 20V-5A/6A PD fast charging protocol and max. reachable power is 140W. Certification process was done a few weeks ago and the product was approved. Charger also supports the UFCS charging protocol and may be released very soon. This is a big improvement over Xiaomi’s previous charger, which reached 67W charging speed and didn’t have this many USB ports. With the new Xiaomi three-port charger, you can charge multiple devices at higher powers. So what do you think about the new Xiaomi three-port charger? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts and opinions below and stay tuned to Xiaomiui for more.

Source: ITHome

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