OnePlus 12 gets ‘Repair mode’ in Android 15 Beta

OnePlus 12 now has “Repair mode,” thanks to the Android 15 Beta.

OnePlus 12’s Repair mode is similar to the concept of Samsung’s Maintenance mode in Android 13-based One UI 5.0 update and Google Pixel’s Repair mode in Android 14 QPR 1. In general, it is a safety feature that allows users to hide their data and protect their privacy when they want to send their device to a repair technician. It removes the need to wipe the users’ data while allowing the technicians to access their device and its functions for a test. The new feature is included in the Android 15 Beta and is located in Settings > System & updates > Repair mode.

There’s one flaw with the OnePlus 12 Repair mode, however. Unlike the earlier similar function introduced by Samsung and Google, this mode in OnePlus appears like a reboot, wherein you will be prompted to set up your entire device again. That includes choosing the device’s language and region and providing your Google account, to name a few.

Needless to say, this could be an unnecessary step in the feature, making the setup process more like a flaw. Thankfully, the Repair mode is still in the testing stage in Androiud 15 Beta, so there’s hope that it can still be improved if OnePlus decides to include it in the final release of the update.


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