POCO F5 Leaked: First POCO Smartphone in 2K resolution!

POCO launches high-performance smartphones with F series. It also sells these smartphones to users at low prices. POCO F models have an important history. The beginning of this series started with Pocophone F1. We are now in 2022 and POCO F4 is the latest POCO F smartphone. However, POCO F4 has exactly same features as POCO F3. There is no difference between the predecessors. For this reason, many POCO F3 users do not consider upgrading to a higher model.

POCO is a brand that attaches great importance to user opinions. According to the latest information we have, a new POCO F model is being prepared. So, what features will the successor of POCO F4 offer? Will this smartphone improve over previous generations? We can already say yes to this question. We have leaked the important features of POCO F5 for you. The brand will attract attention of users this time. Let’s reveal POCO F5 together now!

New POCO F5 Leaked!

New POCO model, which will come after POCO F4, is here. Here is POCO F5! This smartphone comes with significant changes. For the first time, a POCO smartphone will feature a 2K resolution panel. Actually, the first POCO smartphone to come with a 2K resolution panel is POCO F4 Pro. However, performance beast was not released. Only POCO F4 is on sale. We’ll cover POCO F5 in more detail in a moment. But we need to give a little hint. For example, POCO F4 is a rebranded version of Redmi K40S. This question may have crossed your mind. POCO F5, rebranded version of which model? Redmi K60. Article also reveals Redmi K60.

Model number of POCO F5 is “M11A“. But Xiaomi seems to have made some changes. Model number of this smartphone appears in the IMEI Database as “23013PC75G“. This means 23=2023, 01=January, PC=POCO, 75=M11A, G=Global. Normally device should have number “23011311AG”. We do not know why such a thing was done. We nevertheless revealed POCO F5. New POCO smartphone will be available in the Global, India and China market. It will first be introduced in China as Redmi K60. It will come later in other markets under POCO F5 name.

POCO F5 Leaked Specifications (Mondrian, M11A)

POCO F5’s codename is “Mondrian“. This model comes with a 2K resolution (1440*3200) AMOLED panel. Panel supports 120Hz refresh rate. It can reach 1000 nits of brightness. It seems to bring you the best visual experience. For the first time we will see 2K screen resolution on a POCO device.

POCO F5 will be powered by Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 on the chipset side. It will provide a significant performance increase over the Snapdragon 870 found in POCO F4. This chipset is built on superior TSMC 4nm manufacturing technology. There is an 8-core CPU setup that can clock up to 3.2GHz. Graphics processing unit is 900MHz Adreno 730. We know that POCO models are designed for extreme performance. POCO continues this understanding in POCO F5. A smartphone that will never upset the players will be on sale. We have this much information about device at the moment. Nothing else is known yet.

When will POCO F5 be introduced?

So when will this model be released? To understand this, we need to examine model number. 23=2023, 01=January, RK=Redmi K – PC=POCO, 75=M11A, G-I-C=Global, India and China. We can say that POCO F5 will be available in first quarter of 2023. This device will meet users in the Global, India and China markets. We will inform you when there is a new development. What do you think about POCO F5? Do not forget to express your opinions.

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