POCO Watch Review – New Smartwatch from POCO

Poco Watch is a special smart watch by xiaomi company. What is POCO Watch? Chances are you’ve never heard of it, but that doesn’t mean this new smartwatch isn’t worth your attention. Designed with simplicity and functionality in mind, the POCO Watch is a great alternative to more expensive brands. Whether you’re looking for a basic timepiece or something with more features, the POCO Watch has you covered. Keep reading to learn more about this revolutionary new product!

POCO Watch

A watch is an accessory item that many people wear and carry around to know what time it is. As time goes on and technology becomes a more and more important part of our lives, smart watches become more popular as well. Xiaomi POCO Watch is a smart watch that does more than show the time. If you are planning to get a new smart watch, you may be curious about this product.

POCO Watch Review

With many features and an awesome build, POCO Watch may have attracted your interest. But before you start considering this product as your new smart watch option, you may need a thorough review of it. Here we will discuss this Xiaomi smart watch and learn about the features of this wonderful product in great detail.

POCO Watch Technical Specs

If you are planning to buy a tech device, you may first start by taking a look at the technical specifications of that product. Regardless of whether you buy a smartphone, TV, computer or a gaming console, the specs of the device can matter a lot. This can also be true for smart watches such as this one. Because specs can affect the performance and usability of devices such as these to a great degree.

In a smart watch, there may be various technical specs that are important. For example, the size and weight of the watch can be an important factor. Also, the display settings as well as the battery features of it can be significant, too. Then other factors that can influence your ideas about the smart watch can be connection features, materials and so on. In the following sections of this review we are going to look at these technical specs of POCO Watch.

Size and Weight

The first factors in terms of technical specs of this product that we are going to take a look at are the size and the weight of POCO Watch. Size and weight can matter regardless of the type of tech device that you are planning to buy. But when it comes to smart watches, these factors can be extra important.

First of all, the dimensions of this product are 39.1 mm x 34.4 mm x 10 mm. So in inches the dimensions of it are roughly around 1.54 x 1.35 x 0.39. Basically this is a smart watch that many users can comfortably wear and use. Then the weight of this smart watch is 31 grams, which is about 1.09 ounces. Therefore it is a fairly light product as well.


When it comes to smart watches, the visual features can be very important. Just like smartphones, these devices can carry out many functions and their screens need to be visible to the user. However, unlike smartphones, smart watches usually have pretty small screens. So if you want to know about POCO Watch, you may be curious about the display features of this product.

Basically this product has an AMOLED screen. Therefore its screen can offer advantages in terms of power consumption, display quality and the width of the viewing angle. Then the size of the screen is 1.6 inches. As a smart watch, it is not bad and we can say that it is fairly large. Lastly the screen resolution of this product is 360 x 320 pixels and the screen has ~301 ppi density. Overall, the display quality is quite nice with this product.


Another thing that is important about a smart watch is the battery features and the battery life of the product. After all, noone wants to constantly have to recharge any kind of tech gadget, which also includes smart watches as well. So in this section of our POCO Watch review, we will learn about the battery features of this product.

Firstly, this product has Li-Ion battery. This type of a battery can potentially offer advantages such as having low weight and providing high energy amount for its size as well as having more charge cycles. The battery in this product is 225 mAh, which can provide a good amount of battery life for a smart watch like this. Finally the battery of this product is not removable.

Connections and Sensors

Smart watches can offer a wide variety of features. In order to provide some of these features, sensors may be necessary. Along with this, the connection features of a smart watch are important as well. So let’s learn about the connections and sensors of POCO Watch.

Basically, this smart watch has support for Bluetooth version 5.0, A2DP, LE. Then it has support for GPS (with A-GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BDS) and NFC as well. Then the product has accelerometer sensor as well as heart rate sensor and compass. Also, it has SpO2 sensor, too. So as far as sensors and support for connection types, this smart watch has several different ones.

Materials and Other Features

Lastly, in our section where we take a look at the technical specs of POCO Watch, we will check out the materials of this product. And then we will learn about some of the other features of this product. For example, the operating system of this smart watch is a spec that we will examine.

Simply put, some type of plastic is used in the making of this product, possibly TPU, which can offer flexibility and robustness as well as being recyclable. The product has a plastic back and plastic framing. Then this smart watch is water resistant with 5ATM standards, which means that it resist splashes, showering, etc. Finally the product has proprietary OS. So we can say that its operating system is specifically for this product.

What Are Some Differences Between POCO Watch And POCO Watch Lite?

If you are planning to get a new smart watch, you may have seen various products from various brands. Aside from POCO Watch, there is also another Xiaomi smart watch product that is similar to the product that we are reviewing and it is POCO Watch Lite. So you may be wondering the differences between these two products.

In so many ways, these two smart watches are quite similar. For example some of the features in POCO Watch such as Bluetooth support is also in POCO Watch Lite. However, POCO Watch Lite is slightly larger and heavier than POCO Watch and has a 1.55-inch TFT LCD screen. Also, it doesn’t have support for NFC. So these are some of the differences between these two smart watches that are otherwise quite similar.

Is It Easy To Use POCO Watch And Connect It To Your Smartphone?

These days smart watches are quite popular among some tech geeks and others who find these gadgets useful. However you might not have that much experience using a smart watch. So you may be curious about whether this product is easy to use or not.

Basically, POCO Watch provides users with various features and it is a fairly simple product to use. Also, connecting this device with your smartphone is pretty easy and straightforward as well. Basically, you just turn it on and connect it to your phone via Xiaomi Wear app by following a few simple steps.

How Can POCO Watch Make My Life Easier?

As stated before, some people prefer to use smart watches due to the many features that these devices can offer. The features of a smart watch depends highly on its brand and its model. In so many ways, POCO Watch can provide users with a variety of wonderful functions that they can like.

First of all, a smart watch is a good tool to have on you if you want to know the time. However the features of this smart watch are not just limited to showing time. Also, the product can be used to track things like your workouts and sleep in some ways. So it can be a fairly useful product that can make your life easier this way.

POCO Watch Design

Design is surely another very important thing to consider when picking a smart watch. As we have discussed the technical specs of a product such as this can be absolutely worth learning about. But aside from performance and usability, another thing that you may really care about with a smart watch is how it looks. So let’s take a look at the design features of POCO Watch as well.

This is a smart watch with a rectangle shaped screen that has curves on the sides. It has a slick look and a pretty good design. Its screen size is pretty good for a smart watch while it is not too large. Then as far as color options, there are three to pick from: black, blue and ivory.

POCO Watch Price

Right now the features of the POCO Watch may be starting to attract your interest a lot. Because in so many ways, this product can be a pretty decent smart watch option. If you are planning to buy this device, you may be curious about its price.

This smart watch was released on the 11th of November 2021 and it is currently available in many countries. In some stores, it can be possible to find this device for around €60. However, let’s not forget that it can depend on the store you pick and the price may change over time. But with this price, we can consider this product to be a fairly budget friendly smart watch option.

POCO Watch Pros and Cons

Following this detailed review where we have taken a deep look into the features of this product including its specs, design and price, you may now have a better idea on whether you like this device or not. However if you want a simpler overview of the advantages and disadvantages of POCO Watch, here are some of the pros and cons of this product.


  • Has a screen that is neither too large nor too small.
  • Slick and wonderful design that looks fairly good.
  • “Watch faces” feature allows you to have some different custom watch faces on the screen.
  • A budget friendly smart watch option.
  • Support for GPS, Bluetooth and NFC.
  • Has sensors like accelerometer, heart rate, compass and SpO2.


  • Product’s battery capacity could have been better.
  • No support for Wi-Fi connection.

POCO Watch Review Summary

After our detailed review of POCO Watch, right now you may be more informed about the features of this smart watch. However, let’s not forget that there are numerous different factors to take into account with a product such as this one. So now you may also starting to feel a little bit frustrated due to the amount of factors to consider at the same time.

If you are feeling a bit confused and need a simple summary, let’s take a quick look at some of the important things about this product. Basically, this is a fairly nice smart watch option if you are looking for a budget friendly one. It has fine display features, a beautiful design and various useful features. However, if you are looking for more advanced features, this product may not be for you.

Is POCO Watch Worth Buying?

Yeah! Definitely worth it. At this point, you may be starting to wonder if it is worth buying this smart watch or not. In order to decide this, you can try learning about some other devices like this one which have the qualities that you are looking for. Then to decide among them and make your pick, you can make comparisons between your options.

After making your comparisons, you can decide if you want to buy this product or not. Ultimately, only you can decide if this product is for you or not. Basically, if you are looking for a smart watch that is fairly budget friendly, you might want to check out this one. But if you want more advanced features, taking a look at other options may be a smart idea.

Did you like our Poco Watch review content? The POCO Watch is a great option for anyone looking for an affordable, stylish watch. We highly recommend it! If you’re considering purchasing one, be sure to share your thoughts on our website. We would love to hear what you think about this amazing timepiece. Thanks for reading!

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