POCO X5 5G Passed FCC Certification!

Xiaomi had announced new Redmi Note 12 series in China. This series is getting a lot of attention. Some users were wondering when this new series will come to the Global market. In the past days, it was seen that Redmi Note 12 passed FCC certification. Today, however, the POCO X5 5G appeared as it passed FCC certification. POCO X5 5G is actually the rebranded version of the new Redmi Note 12 model. Thus, we see some confusion in our leaks. We will reveal all the details now. Continue reading the article.

POCO X5 5G is FCC Certified

In the past days, we have determined that Redmi Note 12 will be released under the name POCO. If you wish, you can reach our article by clicking here. Now, the new smartphone POCO X5 5G has been caught passing FCC certification. And the information we get in the IMEI Database gives us clues. POCO X5 5G has almost the same features as Redmi Note 12. Codenames “Sunstone“. While the new model was going through the FCC certification, we encountered the model number 22111317PG. The model number of Redmi Note 12 is 22111317G. This confirms the information we have identified.

POCO X5 5G got FCC certification with MIUI 13 based on Android 12. But it will be released with MIUI 14 in different regions. We said this when Redmi Note 12 passed FCC certification. Therefore, we can say that it will not be immediately available for sale. An affordable new POCO device is coming with the Snapdragon 4 Gen 1 chipset. For more information about POCO X5 5G, click here.

So what was the new POCO smartphone with the model number 22101320G? It had quite remarkable features. It was powered by Snapdragon 778G+ chipset. Actually it is POCO X5 Pro. We made a little mistake. However, the introduction of many different smartphones still bodes well for users. What do you guys think about POCO X5 5G? Do not forget to express your opinions.

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