Redmi 10C Update Life and Plans

User who will buy Redmi 10C are wondering Redmi 10C Update Life. Redmi 10C is one of Xiaomi’s latest budget phones that were released into the market with average performance and decent price range. It is shipped with Android 11 however the question is, how many updates is this new smartphone going to get? Is there a change of plans in update schedule for this specific device?

Redmi 10C Update Lifetime

Redmi devices usually tend to get 1 or 2 Android updates after the Android version they are shipped with. While we agree that this is not many, it is Xiaomi’s policy for this sub-brand. Unfortunately for the users and potential buyers of this device, Redmi 10C will also follow this Redmi 10C Update Life plan but at least it will get 2 Android updates rather than 1, meaning that it will officially be updated until Android 13.

redmi 10c

Update frequency for it is 90 days as usual like with many other models and security updates will last until February 2025. MIUI skin updates tend to go further then Android updates, so we expect skin updates to continue until MIUI 15. Considering this is only a budget phone, the performance will drop significantly in the upcoming years as new app, Android and UI updates are pushed therefore, a short lifetime is in fact quite expected.

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