Redmi K60 Ultra comes with 1.5K resolution 144Hz OLED panel!

Redmi K60 Ultra is finally being launched. The processor details of the device were announced yesterday, and today new information about the screen was announced. Redmi K60 Ultra will have a 1.5K resolution OLED panel similar to its predecessor Redmi K50 Ultra. The new smartphone has been upgraded from 120Hz to 144Hz. This has improved panel smoothness and is designed to give you the best experience.

Redmi K60 Ultra’s Display Specifications

Redmi K60 Ultra will be powered by Dimensity 9200+ and is equipped with a new Pixelworks X7 chip. This chip allows the GPU to work more smoothly. At the same time, it allows to further increase the FPS in games. As for the display, the new 1.5K 144Hz OLED panel should provide an excellent gaming experience. The superior features of Dimensity 9200+ combined with the great display of Redmi K60 Ultra sets the bar high.

Wang Hua shared this image today and the display specs of the Redmi K60 Ultra are now known. It should also be noted that Redmi K60 Ultra will be introduced in other markets under the name Xiaomi 13T Pro. Xiaomi 13T Pro will have similar specifications to Redmi K60 Ultra.

We expect some changes only on the camera side. Because we have detected the codenames “corot” and “corot_pro“. “corot” represents Redmi K60 Ultra, while “corot_pro” represents Xiaomi 13T Pro. Xiaomi 13T Pro will be officially launched on September 1st. Redmi K60 Ultra will be unveiled this month and millions of users will love it.

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