Redmi K60 Ultra design shines ahead of the launch, 24GB+1TB variant, IP68 certification and 2600 nit display!

Just before the official launch event, the design of Redmi K60 Ultra has already been unveiled through Xiaomi’s recent posts. These posts reveal that the phone will be available in green and black color options initially, with the possibility of more color choices becoming available after the launch.

Redmi K60 Ultra

Redmi K60 Ultra comes with a very solid design, so much so that the phone has an aluminum chassis. We know aluminum phones are out for a long time but this is the first time we’re having a metal body on a “Redmi K” series phone (Redmi K20 is an exception though, Xiaomi hasn’t been offering metal body on Redmi K phones for a long time). Redmi K60 Ultra will be named Xiaomi 13T Pro in the global market, the previous model Xiaomi 12T Pro came with a plastic body.

This reveals the Xiaomi’s commitment to providing solid chassis even for their non-flagship models like Redmi K60 Ultra. What we also know about Redmi K60 Ultra is that the phone carries the IP68 certification, demonstrating water and dust resistance. It’s capable of at keep functioning at a depth of 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes.

We can say that the design of the Redmi K60 Ultra is similar to Xiaomi 13 series, the camera setup on the back and the color variants of the phone are reminiscent of Xiaomi 13 series. Black and green color options of K60 Ultra appeared in Xiaomi’s posts, and Xiaomi 13 Pro also came in black and green colors (slightly lighter green). Redmi K60 Ultra will have a variant with 24 GB of RAM and 1 TB storage as well.

While it was previously known that the Redmi K60 Ultra features a 1.5K resolution screen, more details about the display are now emerging. Keep in mind that this resolution falls between Full HD and QHD in terms of sharpness.

Redmi K60 Ultra features Huaxing C7 OLED panel, boasting a brightness of 2600 nits, same as Xiaomi 13 Ultra. What’s better about K60 Ultra’s display than Xiaomi 13 Ultra’s is the refresh rate, the K60 Ultra comes with a 144 Hz refresh rate display and has a PWM rate of 2880 Hz. The phone has a flat OLED panel.

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