Redmi K60 Ultra to receive 4 major Android updates with security patches for 5 years.

Redmi K60 Ultra was introduced a few days ago and now it has been announced by Xiaomi officials that it will receive Android updates for 4 years, in addition to 5 years of security patches.

Redmi K60 Ultra to have 5 years of OTA updates

Redmi K60 Ultra was initially unveiled with MIUI 14 and Android 13, as Xiaomi’s latest post reveals, the phone will be receiving Android 17 once it’s been released.

While Redmi K60 Ultra might not be particularly best in the camera department, it is a performance-focused phone with beefy specifications. We can say that Redmi K60 Ultra‘s competitor under OnePlus brand is the OnePlus Ace 2 Pro, given that the Ace 2 Pro is known to receive 4 years of OTA updates and 3 years of major Android updates. Redmi K60 Ultra takes this a step further, aiming to be a superior option in terms of software as well.

While Android manufacturers have consistently lagged behind Apple in terms of updates, they are now gradually succeeding in catching up with Apple. Previously, Samsung had announced that it would roll out 4 years of OTA updates for the certain models and it’s very good to see that Xiaomi follows the same trend.

For the first time, a Xiaomi branded phone will offer Android updates for 4 years. In the future, we might see the same 4 years of OTA support not only for Redmi K60 Ultra but also across other models.

Redmi K60 Ultra will remain as an exclusive model for China but Redmi K60 series is actually somewhat of a sibling to Xiaomi 13T series. While the 13T series hasn’t been introduced yet, both Xiaomi 13T and Xiaomi 13T Pro could also join the 4 years of OTA journey offered by Xiaomi.

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