Redmi K60 Ultra: Unveiled with Innovative Technologies and Features

In today’s rapidly advancing world of technology, mobile devices are continually evolving and offering users more features. Xiaomi’s subsidiary brand, Redmi, once again captures this trend with its latest model, the Redmi K60 Ultra, garnering attention with a host of innovative features.

Unique Display Experience

One of the most striking features of the Redmi K60 Ultra is its 6.67-inch 1.5K resolution 144Hz OLED display. This feature provides users with a smooth visual experience, offering seamless navigation with a high refresh rate. Moreover, the display boasts a high brightness of 2600 nits under direct sunlight, ensuring the screen remains visible even in sunny environments.

Powerful Battery Performance

The 5000mAh battery capacity of the Redmi K60 Ultra, designed to meet daily usage requirements, offers users extended periods of usage. Additionally, the 120W fast charging support ensures rapid replenishment of the battery. The Surge P1 Fast Charging Chip facilitates this process smoothly and safely, while the Surge G1 power management chip enhances energy efficiency.

Durability and Security

The Redmi K60 Ultra comes with an IP68 water and dust resistance certification. This enables users to confidently use their devices in a wider range of conditions. Particularly, water resistance ensures the device can withstand the rigors of daily life.

Powerful Chipset and Memory

The Dimensity 9200+ chipset, designed to support the smartphone’s performance, stands out with a peak speed of 3.35GHz and a 4nm manufacturing process. The specially designed Pixelworks X7 chip optimizes GPU performance, providing a smoother and faster experience. Additionally, the 24GB LPDDR5X memory and 1TB UFS4.0 storage support enable the device to operate more swiftly and efficiently.

Professional Photography and Video Experience

The camera of the Redmi K60 Ultra also boasts impressive features. The 50MP Sony IMX 800 sensor, with a size of 1/1.49 inches, enables high-quality photography even in low-light conditions. Furthermore, the smartphone’s ability to record 8K@24FPS videos empowers users to maximize their creative potential.

A New Era in the Global Market

The Redmi K60 Ultra was initially introduced in the Chinese market and will later be launched globally as the Xiaomi 13T Pro. This signifies that the Xiaomi 13T Pro will also come equipped with an IP68 certification. Moreover, this move represents the first example of Xiaomi introducing water and dust resistance to its T series models.


In conclusion, the Redmi K60 Ultra stands out as a smartphone that meets users expectations with its innovative features, robust performance, and professional camera experience. Delivering exceptional performance in both daily use and capturing special moments, this device opens the door to a new era in mobile technology. As for prices, they are indicated below, with storage and color options:

  • 12GB RAM + 256GB : 2599¥
  • 16GB RAM + 256GB: 2799¥
  • 16GB RAM + 512GB: 2999 ¥
  • 16GB RAM + 1TB: 3299¥
  • 24GB RAM + 1TB: 3599¥

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