Redmi Note 10/Pro and Mi 11 Lite received Android 12 MIUI 13 Update

It has been 1 month since the launch of MIUI 13. Even though there was no Global MIUI 13 launch, Redmi Note 10, Redmi Note 10 Pro and Mi 11 Lite 4G received the MIUI 13 Global update.

MIUI 13 stable update has been released to many devices in China. While waiting for the MIUI 13 Global launch date, Xiaomi gave its most popular models the MIUI 13 update as Mi Pilot. Only people who have applied to Mi Pilot can install these updates. There is a guide on the website for those who install without applying. These devices, which received the MIUI 13 Global update, also received the Android 12 update. This update includes devices receiving Android 12 and MIUI 13 for the first time in Global.

MIUI 13 Global for Redmi Note 10 Pro MIUI 13 Global for Redmi Note 10

Many features of MIUI 13 seem to have come to MIUI Global with this update. Unfortunately, MIUI 13 Global does not have Mi Sans font. The Roboto font continues to be used as in the old versions. The new wallpapers that come with MIUI 13 seem to have been added to MIUI Global as well. Features like the sidebar feature and performance improvements are the first things users noticed.

MIUI 13 Global Android 12 New Feature

The feature to see the permissions in the background, which is not available in MIUI 13 China and comes with Android 12, is only available in MIUI 13 Global. Thanks to this feature, you can follow the applications that use features such as camera and microphone in the background. This feature, which is exclusive to MIUI 13 Global, is actually available in MIUI 13 China as Xiaomi’s infrastructure, but it does not work very well. We do not know if this Android-based feature will be added to MIUI 13 China. Also, there is no new MIUI 13 control center in MIUI 13 Global.

Download MIUI 13 Global

To download the MIUI 13 Global version, you can use the Mi Pilot section in the MIUI Downloader application. After downloading the MIUI 13 version suitable for your device from there, you can install MIUI 13 on your device through the this guide on our website. Since this is a beta version, problems may occur.


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