Redmi Note 10 Receives MIUI 13 Update With Bug Fixes

Xiaomi just rolled out a new MIUI 13 update for the Redmi Note 10, with some major bug fixes.

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This update comes with V13.0.5.0.SKFMIXM update code with 2.6GB size for Global users. The main bugs that they fixed where the bugs where the status bar would not be clickable in games and system lag in daily use. The former happens due to the green dot that appears on the top left corner when the microphone is in use and the touch event on the status bar is considered untrusted. Due to that, the touch even will be discarded and the system will not receive the touch event caused by the user.

The latter happens due to unknown reasons, but heres a few reasons from this thread on the Mi Forums.

Root Cause: The reasons for the current information analysis are as follows:
1. The problem of the apk itself is caused
2. The temperature was not obtained at the time of the problem, but the cpu temperature was always at 50+ in dumpstate_board.txt before the problem occurred
3. The memory status of the process is normal, and trace log needs to be provided for further analysis.”

With the new update, both of these bugs are fixed. If you’re facing any of these issues on your Redmi Note 10, wait for the new update and they will be fixed.

This update currently only released for Mi Pilot applied users.

You can download the new update with our app, MIUI Downloader.

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