Redmi Note 10S gets its first AOSP custom ROM a year after release

After a year of development, the Redmi Note 10S finally received its first custom AOSP-based ROM as a beta, Arrow OS 11.

Arrow OS 11 running on Redmi Note 10S.

This beta release has been delayed for about two weeks, due to the Redmi Note 10S’s Global non-NFC variant, codenamed “secret”, having broken RIL (sim service) on AOSP ROMs. After two weeks of a tough battle with the device and testing, main developer Myst33d has finally fixed this issue. The reason we picked a screenshot from that model is to both show the Redmi Note 10S running Arrow OS and RIL working fine on the secret model of the device.  Here’s a few more screenshots of the ROM.

The remaining bugs are as follows:

  • VoLTE (working on a fix at the time of writing)
  • Bluetooth audio
  • Offline charging
  • Double-tap to wake
  • NFC (not tested yet)
  • ROM not yet tested on Maltose so bugs may occur

As mentioned before, this ROM is still in a beta phase and its still a wonder that it got to this phase, and we would like to thank the devs for their awesome work on getting AOSP on this device. We hope that this leads to this devices development community flourishing with ROMs and that the tree is even more stable in a few weeks time.

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