Redmi Smart Band Pro vs Mi Band 6 Comparison – Which one is good?

The most anticipated bands on the market are Redmi Smart Band Pro and Mi Band 6, which are the sequel to the best-selling smart bands, and honestly to some extent smartwatch killer delivers so many features at such an incredibly low price. So, we will compare the Redmi Smart Band Pro vs Mi Band 6 including their big features. 

After Mi Band 6, Xiaomi comes up with this new smart band: Redmi Smart Band Pro. There are big improvements on the Mi Band 6 and Redmi Smart Band Pro and we will compare these two amazing bands. We will tell you which of the band seems more recommendable to us and above all what our experience has been with each of them. 

Redmi Smart Band Pro vs Mi Band 6 

We mostly like the auto-brightness feature, and also the always-on display, but keep in mind that the always-on display feature will be responsible for quick battery drain. These features are very difficult for us to find in this price class, but you know there are not some of the features that have been trimmed by Xiaomi in Redmi Smart Band Pro from the previous generation, namely Mi Band 6.


We start this comparison between the design of two bands. There are two completely different concepts, Mi Band 6 is Mi Band 6 brings a 50 larger display in the same exact body size as the prior model. 

Mi Smart Band Pro has a larger display and looks more like a watch we think. Their display shape is also different than each other. Mi Band 6’s rounded corners look good but Redmi Smart Pro is more useful on a daily we guess.

On the paper, the screen of the Mi Band 6 is bigger and it should be better, but honestly, we prefer the Redmi Smart Band Pro, because it is more square, and despite the fact that the screen of the Mi Band 6 is bigger, the content looks smaller.


Mi Band 6 comes in 6 colors: Black, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Ivory, and Olive while Redmi Smart Band Pro comes in one Black color. Redmi Smart Band Pro is 1.47inch, while Mi Band 6 is 1.56inch. Their weights are almost close to each other, Mi Band 6 is 12.8g, while Redmi Smart Band Pro is 15g. 


In terms of battery life, Mi Band 6 got a 125mAh battery, while Redmi Smart Band Pro got a 200mAh battery. Both can be charged fully in two hours. Both devices have points on the back to charge them with the included USB cable. Both got Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. 


Mi Band 6 has a PPG heart rate sensor, and a vibration motor to alert you of incoming notifications on your wrist, and it also measures oxygen levels in your blood besides sleep tracking it can now also track sleep breathing quality. Redmi Smart Band Pro has these features too. Both of the smart bands are waterproof with 5 ATM resistance and have an AMOLED display.

Sports Modes

The Redmi Smart Pro Band has 110 training modes, while Mi Band 6 has 30 modes. This is a huge difference, and it is important if you are a sportive person. 


We eplained the details of Redmi Smart Band Pro vs Mi Band 6 in our article, so, if you are looking for a small watch and the content looks quite good, and a compact bracelet that does not bother you at all, you must check the Redmi Smart Band Pro and Mi Band 6. Before you buy, make sure you carefully read our comparison!

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