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Redmi TV Soundbar: Affordable TV soundbar for your living room

If you are someone who cares about sound quality and you do not like the sound system on your TV, you can take a look at the Redmi TV Soundbar. This great soundbar from Redmi is specially designed for TVs. You can place it under your TV if you want. The most important feature is that you can use it either wired or wireless.

If you frequently watch movies or listen to music at TV, you may want rich bass and adequate treble sound performance. With your TV’s current sound system, you may not be able to feel the depth of sound in some movie scenes, or your TV may not be able to offer the bass level of a hip-hop music you are listening to. The most practical solution to such problems is to buy a new sound system. The new Redmi TV sound system has technical features that will satisfy you.

Redmi TV Soundbar Technical Specifications

The Redmi TV Soundbar has a large structure, but contrary to popular belief, it is quite light. It has a length of 780 mm and weighs 1.5 kg. The material structure of the sound system is made of metal and ABS plastic. It is available only in the color black.

The drivers in the Redmi TV Soundbar have a power of 30 W and also have an air duct type sound opening that delivers better bass. This way, you will be able to enjoy music with high bass even better. Redmi’s powerful sound system has three different connection options, so you can easily connect it to any device. It supports S/PDIF and AUX as wired connection options, while wireless connection is via Bluetooth 5.0. The Redmi TV Soundbar uses a relatively new version of Bluetooth. So when you watch movies or listen to music while using the wireless connection, you will not experience excessive sound lag.

There are buttons on the side of the sound system that allow you to perform various functions. Long press the power button to turn the soundbar on or off, short press it to turn the music on or off. You can turn off the sound completely by pressing and holding the volume down button for 1.5 seconds. It has a button to change the audio source short press to set the connection options or long press to activate the Bluetooth connection mode.

You can place the Redmi TV Soundbar anywhere you like. If your TV is wall-mounted, attach the sound system to the wall or place it on the table.

Redmi TV Soundbar Price

You should definitely buy the Redmi TV soundbar, which offers top-notch sound performance, and use it with your TV. Most TVs have poor sound performance, so you can not feel the impressive sound effects of movies. The Redmi TV soundbar can give you a great experience with its affordable price and assertive technical features. It costs $60 and you can buy it on AliExpress if you want.

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