Rise of Chinese Phone Brands in Europe! – UK Market Share Analyses of Xiaomi and OPPO

According to market share analyses of Xiaomi and OPPO, there is a serious rise in European market. Xiaomi and OPPO, which have proven themselves worldwide with both low-budget devices and premium flagship devices, are now at the top of the users preference list in the European market. According to the survey conducted by Strategy Analytics, the UK market share rate of Xiaomi and OPPO increased significantly in Q4 2021, approximate values to Apple and Samsung.

Highest Market Share Analyses of Xiaomi and OPPO

According to Strategy Analytics data, UK mobile phone shipments in Q4 2021 reached 7.3 million units, a slight increase of just 1% year on year. The reason for such a low increase can be said to be global problems and a pandemic. Looking at the statistics, Apple has maintained its No.1 position among the UK’s four big mobile phone brands. High demand for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series is the main reason for this. Apple’s iPhone devices are preferred by most people for their quality and stability. Looking at the survey, Samsung maintains its second place. Xiaomi is in third place and OPPO is in fourth place.

Main topic is this company recently conducted a survey of Chinese brands such as Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, Honor and OnePlus in the UK. This research examines consumer perceptions, brand evaluations and purchase intentions of foreign mobile phone brands entering the UK market. By analyzing the timeline of current smartphones and smartphones that are planned to be purchased, the brand aspects of brands such as Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, Honor, Realme as well as market leaders Samsung and Apple are analyzed.

Xiaomi’s brand awareness has exceeded 30%, and the proportion of consumers considering purchasing a Xiaomi device is reaching double digits. In addition, there is a rise in other Chinese brands. With 80% of UK survey respondents believing that Samsung and Apple are still leaders or on the rise in the UK smartphone market, taking the lead from these brands will not be easy.

However, other people think that Xiaomi is the leader in the direction of the brand and is rising gradually. The reason for this is that Xiaomi produces devices in every segment and every budget, and especially produces next-gen devices. Here we explained why. Also innovation in every field will attract customers. Examples of this are foldable screens, super fast charging technologies, high screen refresh rates.

A small detail, according to the survey, devices such as Xiaomi and OPPO are generally preferred by men in the UK. Women users are still Apple fans. As a result, the sales policies followed by Chinese phone companies seem to have worked. From the market share analyses of Xiaomi and OPPO we can see that. Rise of Xiaomi in other markets is also seriously reflected in the European market. Stay tuned for more.

Credit: ITHome

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