Samsung is working on the giant ISOCELL HP3 camera sensor!

Smartphones with high-resolution rear cameras are very popular among users today, and manufacturers are making efforts to use high-resolution camera sensors in their new models. In September 2021, the world’s first 200 MP resolution mobile camera sensor, ISOCELL HP1, manufactured by Samsung, was introduced. Recently, it was reported that work has begun on the high-resolution ISOCELL HP3.

Although 7 months have passed since the Samsung ISOCELL HP1 camera sensor was introduced, it has not yet been used in an officially launched smartphone model. There is only one smartphone with the Samsung ISOCELL HP1 sensor, in March, a prototype from Motorola was found with a 200 MP camera sensor.

Samsung ISOCELL HP3 Camera Sensor Technical Specifications

Although the high-resolution camera sensor was introduced by Samsung, it was not used in any smartphone model within 7 months. This situation has not affected Samsung’s development of high-resolution sensors. Work on ISOCELL HP3, the successor to Samsung ISOCELL HP1, continues, but there is no detailed technical information about the new sensor yet. It is expected that the Samsung-made high-resolution camera sensor will be about the 1/1.22-inch size similar of the ISOCELL HP1 and have a resolution of 200 MP or higher.


Will the ISOCELL HP3 camera sensor be used on Xiaomi models?

Currently, there is no smartphone model from Xiaomi with a resolution of 200 MP, but a new Xiaomi smartphone with a resolution of 200 MP or a similar resolution could be launched in 2022, as sensor manufacturers attach importance to sensors with a resolution of 200 MP. Xiaomi’s enthusiasm for high-resolution cameras started with the Mi Note 10. When a new smartphone from the Mi Note series is launched, it is possible that we will find a camera sensor with 200 MP resolution.

Samsung ISOCELL HP3 launch date

Samsung’s new ISOCELL HP3 high-resolution camera sensor is still under development and it is too early to introduced. Just like the ISOCELL HP1 sensor, it may be introduced in September, and its use in smartphones could last until November – December 2022.
Source: GalaxyClub

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