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Semiconductor Intervention in the Markets from TSMC – Will They Survive from Global Chip Crisis?

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TSMC, the world’s largest independent semiconductor chip manufacturer, has been severely affected by the chip crisis in recent years. Semiconductor chips are complex materials used in many industries, from smartphones to automobiles. It’s stated that delivery times could exceed 1.5 years due to the unprecedented parts shortages and tight supply chains that are hitting the chipping equipment industry hard. Semiconductor industry leaders such as TSMC, UMC and Samsung have sent their executives overseas, urging equipment suppliers to step up their efforts.

TSMC Gives High Prices to Overcome the Global Chip Crisis

Due to the semiconductor crisis all over the world, consumers have difficulty in reaching some electronic products or the price of many electronic products is increasing due to the inability of supply to meet demand. TSMC, on the other hand, has resorted to a way to get out of this business. Taiwan media’s “Science and Technology News” report revealed that the company has repeatedly sent high-level negotiations to negotiate directly with equipment suppliers, even ordering a “higher price”, good tactic to get equipment early.

TSMC President Wei Zhejia announced the equipment delivery status and said that equipment suppliers are facing the challenge of the COVID-19 outbreak, but that TSMC’s capacity expansion plan for 2022 is not expected to be affected. The company also sent several teams to provide on-site support and identify key chips affecting the delivery of the machines, and also collaborated with customers to plan the company’s production capacity to prioritize support for these key chips, helping suppliers ensure delivery of the machine.

As a result, this step taken by the company is important for users. Because Taiwan’s semiconductor manufacturing company TMSC is seen among the most strategic and important companies in the world. In a world where everything has become technological, a processor is needed in many devices. In order for these processors to solve low processing power with low energy, they must be produced with the latest technology. Without TSMC today, we wouldn’t have been able to reach the latest technology processors of AMD, Apple, Snapdragon or MediaTek so quickly and in such a short time.

Chip crisis is expected to be resolved by mid-2022. Elimination of scarcity in semiconductor chips will be reflected in technological devices. More advanced devices will meet the user cheaper and faster. Stay tuned for more.

Credit: ITHome

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