Surge G1 chip and next generation battery on Xiaomi 12S Ultra

Xiaomi 12S Ultra will have new generation of “lithium cobalt oxide” batteries providing higher power flow with lower temperatures.

Xiaomi makes comparison of new battery with the old ones. Current batteries having pulverizations of silicon particles causing the battery dying after a long term usage. Xiaomi measured the energy density of new battery as 714Wh/L. And they want to use batteries have a long life.

The thickness of the battery cell can be lowered by 1mm when compared to standard lithium cobalt oxide batteries. In order to fit 4500mAh in a small-sized body, the board limit is shrunk by 2.2mm, and the battery capacity improves by up to 100mAh under the same volume.

Xiaomi Mi 12S’s new-generation lithium cobalt oxide battery employs battery cathode shunt technology for the first time, lowering the battery’s maximum charging temperature by 5 °C.

New Surge G1 chip

A new charging chip is required since the Xiaomi 12S series has a new battery material.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra will be the first device to include the new Surge P1 and Surge G1 self-developed chips from Xiaomi

According to Xiaomi it can achieve millisecond-level real-time monitoring of battery safety, significantly improve the accuracy of battery life prediction, and extend the phone’s battery life. Surge G1 precisely adapts to the discharge characteristics of the silicon oxide negative electrode, and can dynamically adjust the discharge state (DTPT), increasing the overall battery life by 3-5%.

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