Teardown of Xiaomi 12S Ultra reveals it has a sensor smaller than expected.

Xiaomi released the Xiaomi 12S series on July 4 event. Xiaomi 12S Ultra has “massive” 1 inch IMX 989 sensor. One of the design’s standout features is the huge circular camera module, but a recent disassembly made by JerryRigEverything has uncovered it’s not a 1″ sensor. The main camera sensor is located on the left rather than in the center.

Teardown of Xiaomi 12S Ultra: Cameras revealed

Even though if it is not a 1″ sensor, he claimed that this is typical in the sector. He took measurements of the main image sensor from both the side and the diagonal, and both measurements shows that the camera is just smaller than 1 inch in size.

Even though the sensor is not a full 1 inch, it is still larger than the camera on any other smartphone. To make a comparison here is the 1/2.0″ telephoto camera sensor and the 1″ main camera sensor side by side.

Additionally, JerryRigEverything clarified that Xiaomi didn’t inadvertently misrepresent the sensor’s size. When discussing the size of an image sensor, the physical size is not what is measured. The size of the circle that this sensor can fit into is the reality. This has been used as a measurement standard for a very long time.

You can watch JerryRigEverything’s video through this link. What do you think about this article? Please let us know what you think in the comments!

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