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The Weirdest Snapdragon 888 Phone: Sony Xperia Ace 3 Leaked

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Sony’s new possible iPhone SE competitor has just leaked, and it’s a very interesting device, with an even more interesting SoC inside of it. So, let’s talk about it.

What is the Sony Xperia Ace 3?

The Xperia Ace 3 is a successor to the Japan-only Xperia Ace 2, which is supposed to be a compact midrange phone. However, after the announcement of Apple’s iPhone SE 3, and the lack of compact Android phones with high end processors, Sony has taken matters into its own hands. The Xperia Ace 3, is a compact device with a 5.5inch screen, 6 gigabytes of RAM, 128 or 256 gigabytes of storage, and a… Snapdragon 888.

Yes. This small device will pack quite the punch with its very unexpected Snapdragon 888. The device also has 5G support due to the 888 chipset, a 4500mAH battery. Here is a render of the device.

The Xperia Ace 3.

The design, in our opinion does not fit the specs at all, and the bezels look kind of huge for a 2022 flagship, and the device reminds me personally of an Android Go device. The Xperia Ace 3, unlike its previous counterpart, the Xperia Ace 2, will most likely not have the 2MP depth sensor, and only keep the 13MP main sensor. The Ace 3 will most likely keep the trend of the Ace series havign midrange processors, as the Ace 2 also had a Helio P35. We personally still can’t really believe that a phone from a budget lineup will have a Snapdragon 888, but we hope it’s real, and we’ll finally have a competitor against Apple’s iPhone SE series on the Android side.

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