These are the 4 areas improved in HarmonyOS 4

The new trial version of HarmonyOS 4 is now available, and the “early adopter recruitment” has started. The update comes with lots of interesting improvements, but according to the company, the main focus is to bring “simpler and easier to use operations” and “a purer and safer system” with a “better user experience.”

In line with that, these are the four notable changes introduced in the new version of the update:

  • There’s now a device-cloud cooperation mechanism, which should improve the accuracy and response time of the system when addressing malicious apps.
  • An anti-false alarm mechanism has been added to address issues involving viruses and questionable applications.
  • The function to change the custom background is now available in the Art Protagonist theme.
  • There is now a function to record clearer recordings via Bluetooth devices.
  • The company has made some improvements in the overall performance and speed, so expect smoother operation and experience when starting apps or switching between apps.

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