These Xiaomi smartwatches and bands will not get support anymore

Previously we reported on the recently killed off Xiaomi smartphones, and there’s no end to the killing it seems. Xiaomi has been killing off many of its older devices, but there’s some recent smartwatches that have been killed off too. So, here’s a list of the Xiaomi end of life wearables.

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Xiaomi’s current lineup of wearables consist of many devices, such as the Mi Smart Band series and Xiaomi Watch. Due to the release of the POCO Watch and the previous Redmi watches, Xiaomi has been slowly killing off their wearable lineup. Here is a list of all the watches that Xiaomi has killed off recently. The most recent additions to the list include:

  • Mi Smart Band 4
  • Xiaomi Watch
  • Xiaomi Watch Color Keith Haring Edition

And the complete list includes all the current end of life wearables, so here is the official list.

These Xiaomi wearables will not be receiving any support from this date onward, so if you’re using any of these, we’d recommend switching to a supported wearable, such as the newly released POCO Watch, or an older Xiaomi wearable like the Redmi Band series, if you’re more interested in smartbands instead of watches. Though, you could still use your older wearables as long as they’re not broken or out of service, you just will not get any official support from Xiaomi.

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