This is the best Global Xiaomi Phone in 2021!

One of the most unique smartphones out in the world is Xiaomi devices, being produced in such affordable prices with decent to great specs every year for us users. Whether it is design or battery life or anything else, it does not fail to meet our expectations. In today’s content, we will be shedding light on Xiaomi’s best phone in 2022.

Mi 11 Ultra

This device comes with an extremely powerful processor Qualcomm SM8350 Snapdragon 888 5G (5 nm) and Adreno 660 GPU. It came out in April of 2021, and it has been the definition of excellence to this day. It has 256GB-8GB RAM, 256GB-12GB RAM, 512GB-12GB RAM options and UFS 3.1 technology. It presents itself with a 6.81″ AMOLED display, 120Hz refresh rate and HDR10+ technology along with Dolby Vision and 1700 nits light capacity at its peak. In battery and fast charge side, we see a 5000 mAh Li-Po battery and 67W fast charge support, both wired and wireless. For full specs, you can visit our page where we go on about full specifications of this device.


Technicality aside, let us talk a little about the quality of device dividing into different parts

Mi 11 Ultra Camera


Coming with Samsung’s GM2 main sensor that is close to 1 inch, because of its size, it allows us to take amazing photos and videos that offer great and natural depth of field. Other lenses provide us an ultra wide sensor and 5x optical zoom which the camera uses in order to get up to 120x zoom. It works amazingly on sunny bright days and provides colorful photos and videos with natural shadows and contrast. Xiaomi did an amazing job with this devices overall camera performance, making this device a Xiaomi device that lives up to its name.

Battery life

While the battery life on this device is not the best of all, it is still very satisfactory and not short-lived at all on this Xiaomi device! On a regular usage you will be seeing over 10 hours screen-on time usage and with a slightly heavier usage, we estimate the battery life will be around 8 hours. It will certainly get you through the day and perhaps more if you’re leading a semi busy lifestyle. And with the 67W fast charge support, you will definitely not wait long to fill up your battery tank.

Game Performance

It is quite safe to say that this device is a beast, and you will certainly see how boss it is in gaming department. It comes with Adreno 660 which ranks second in the mobile GPU world, meaning it is one of the top notch GPUs of our time today. If you’re considering this device for gaming, we say, what are you waiting for!? It will definitely the best mobile gaming experience you will have in your life.

System Performance

CPU is one of the major components of a smartphone that adds up to the performance of a device along with RAM. And this device comes with Snapdragon 888, which is one of the high-end spectrum and with 8 GB and more RAM options. However, what many people do not know is the screen refresh rate. Screen refresh rate actually holds quite importance to a device’s overall performance.

You can only fully understand the impact of screen refresh rate when you hold a device that supports higher refresh rates than 60Hz, which this device does. Yes, you have 120Hz in this device and it will make the overall usage splendid. We highly recommend you to check out devices with higher screen refresh rates at smartphone stores near you.

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