[Recovery] [MI 8] TWRP 3.2.2 -0703


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Jul 31, 2018
2018.7.11 update:
1. Update attempt to repair decrypted data scheme, set lock screen password for machine friends, enter twrp need to enter lock screen password, otherwise it can not Temporarily decrypt data.
2. After brushing in twrp, the first time you enter twrp, it may restart once. This is normal. If you restart repeatedly, or you cannot decrypt the data, please give me feedback in time.
2018.7.3 update:
1. Upgrade to 3.2.2 source code
2. Support new version of MIUI 10 system, fix decryption data problem, set lock screen password Machine friends, you need to enter the lock screen password when entering twrp, otherwise you cannot temporarily decrypt the data.

2018.6.11 update:
1. The interface display is adjusted to no bangs mode.

Important notes:
1. This rec supports data partition auto-decryption . The encrypted data can be used normally under rec without formatting. The official system defaults to encrypting data partitions using a lock screen password .
2. This rec support to brush into the official original full card brush package.
3. The bootloader must be unlocked to be able to brush into a third-party rec.
4. Built-in root system / remove root function, through the root system, you can also remove dm check, prevent card screen, and can make the system root privileges.
5. Set the screen password to the machine friend, enter twrp need to enter the lock screen password, otherwise you can not temporarily decrypt the data.
The root system is strongly recommended, otherwise twrp may be overwritten by the official rec.

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