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Sep 16, 2018
MIUI is a Rom based on official Chinese version. I've tested Rom so far I can say the simplest Rom. Everything works fluently and quickly. The display time is very good. Notifications are smooth. Excessive Battery Saving Mode is present, Face detection is running. The latest version comes with Magisk 17.1. It supports a large number of devices. In the following days, Android 6.0-based devices also said they would support the test team. They also stated that they are in cooperation with the MiuiPRo team.Developers from the old multirom team. Multirom new formation can say.
Multi languages
About the project

Mi-Room 8.9.13 List of changes

  • Added the ability to disable system applications (freeze).
  • Fixed sound mute when exiting the Silent and Do Not Disturb modes.
  • The search for T9 contacts in the dialer for all languages has been improved.
  • Minor improvements and bugfixes.
Changes from the Mi-RooM team 8.9.6
  • Updated the "Battery" section in the "Security" application.
  • The function "Notices Important" has been updated. Now the system will automatically group rarely used notifications into the "Not Important" category.
  • The network icon in the status bar will be 5 bars instead of 4.
  • Added face unlock for devices: Mi4s, Mi4c, Mi Max, Redmi 5A, Redmi 5, Redmi 4X, Mi Note 2, Redmi Note 5A Prime, Redmi Note 5A Lite
  • Running Google Assistant from Mi Assistant.
  • Ability to select the default volume control: media or ringtone
  • Updated browser to version 10.0.4
  • Magisk 17.1 Update (All devices other than Mi8SE. Due to Snapdragon 710 incompatibility)
  • Gapps basic package updated

Changes from the Mi-RooM team 8.8.30
  • Face recognition for devices: Mi Note 3, Mi6, Mi5, Mi5s, Mi5s Also, Mi MIX 2, redmi Note 5, redmi 6 Pro redmi 4X, Mi up to 2, Mi max 2 (not tester), redmi Note 5 Plus , Mi5X. It will be added later on other devices.
  • The volume on the headset for Android 7 and 8-based devices has been increased.
  • Excessive Battery Save Mode
  • Smilies are returned in the Messaging application.
  • Unlimited photo storage in the original Google size photo
  • Lucky Patcher on Android 8
  • Numerous minor fixes and improvements.
IMPORTANT! Android 8+ turned Magisk v16.4 for more stable operation. It is not recommended to update Magisk for Android 8+ devices! Otherwise, with more updates, you may encounter problems with the smoothness of the interface. If you have upgraded to version 17.0 before upgrading MIUI, you can flash Magisk-uninstaller-20180901.zip to completely remove the new version of Magisk.

- the ROM you downloaded; Copy it to your phone's memory in .zip format.

- Make a backup of the current system to protect against any future adversities. Enter the Backup section of the TWRP and select all of them and get your backup.

- Follow the wipe> Advanced wipe steps after the backup operations and select the Dalvik / Art cache, Cache, System, Vendor, Data options and clear the system.

- Load after cleaning flash the MiRoM you copied in the second.

Those who do not like Rom can return to their previous ROMs with the Backup they have taken.
Mi34W MIUI 8.9.13 Android 6.0.1
Mi4c MIUI 8.9.13 Android 7.0
Mi4s MIUI 8.9.13 Android 7.0
Mi5sPlus MIUI 8.9.13 Android 7.0
Mi5s MIUI 8.9.13 Android 7.0
Mi5X MIUI 8.9.13 Android 7.1.2
Mi5 MIUI 8.9.13 Android 8.0.0
Mi6 MIUI 8.9.13 Android 8.0.0
Mi8 MIUI 8.8.31 Android 8.1.0
MiMax2 MIUI 8.9.13 Android 7.1.1
MiMax MIUI 8.9.13 Android 7.0
MiMIX2 MIUI 8.9.13 Android 8.0.0
MiNote2 MIUI 8.9.13 Android 8.0.0
MiNote3 MIUI 8.9.13 Android 8.1.0
Redmi4A MIUI 8.9.13 Android 6.0.1
Redmi4Pro MIUI 8.9.13 Android 6.0.1
Redmi4X MIUI 8.9.13 Android 7.1.2
Redmi4 MIUI 8.9.13 Android 6.0.1
Redmi5A MIUI 8.9.13 Android 7.1.2
Redmi5Plus MIUI 8.9.13 Android 7.1.2
Redmi5 MIUI 8.9.13 Android 7.1.2
RedmiNote3ProSE MIUI 8.9.13 Android 6.0.1G
RedmiNote3Pro MIUI 8.9.13 Android 6.0.1
RedmiNote4X MIUI 8.9.13 Android 7.0
RedmiNote4 MIUI 8.9.13 Android 6.0
RedmiNote5ALite MIUI 8.9.13 Android 7.1.2
RedmiNote5APrime MIUI 8.9.13 Android 7.1.2
RedmiPro MIUI 8.9.13 Android 6.0

Firmware with Anti-Rollback (do not downgrade):

RedmiNote5 MIUI 8.9.13 Android 8.1.0
Redmi6Pro MIUI 8.9.13 Android 8.1.0
MiMax3 MIUI 8.9.13 Android 8.1.0

Download links
Alternative 1
Alternative 2

Email: portal.miroom@gmail.com
The largest community: МиРум VKontakte
A set of beta testers in our team: Telegram
Mi-Room Telegram: MiChat
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