Miui 10 nougat kenzo port from Hydrogen (8.7.17)

Ayush Gupta

Jul 16, 2018
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Hi, I'm not a developer of this ROM. I do not see updates for this Rom in XDA, I got this rom in the 4PDA forum. So, I do not blame for anything, and the "bugs" is not my problem Enjoy!

This rom was developed for "Alexanrin" at the 4PDA (All credits for him)

The firmware has a little touched, under the preferences, since. Well approached and in everything suits, on the device 2/16. Requirements for the software, I have not inflated ... On Redmi Note 3, this is my first practice, I'm not Romodel, but Amator. I ask strictly not to judge. With questions and opinions, always happy to see in QMS.

From the changes:
Refreshed some system applications, replaced the core with Agni 10.9 , changed the system sounds, to Development. Added Enhanced reboot menu and Advanced network types. Removed white substrates under the icons (who is accustomed to them, download Attached file Default_icon.mtz.zip (4.65 MB)
, .zip extension simply erase, without unpacking, in the "Themes"> Import> Components> Icons). Who Do not like gray / monochrome icons in Settings -
on the way system> media> theme> default> delete the component com.android.settings ...

Added togles / switches in the blind, slightly increased the "birdhouse" in the call, in Security fixed the display of the capacity of the battery (at 4100mAh), fixed the under translation in Recent, in Optimizations, a small right-hand side in "About the phone", fixed the connection to the computer, by default, in the mode (MTP).

MIUI 10 Beta 8.7.17 Nougat Kenzo Port
by Alexanrin

• Fixed Alarm
• New Security
• Patch Theme Manager
• Desktop Grid
• Replaced the default Player
• Auto connection in MTP
• System blocking of advertising
• Added transfers

• Slow charging.
• In the Personal Assistant, exit when clicking on the optimization label.
• The Memory Optimization switch also causes an error.
• Notifications on icons from instant messengers.
• Problem with changing dpi.
• It is possible that something else ...
Corrective work is under way. • To fix the font, install, through the Google_Fonts_Roboto.mtz Theme Manager (2.44 MB)

• ROM: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NW_94xLNrWCOzf92T4RlZ23XbFmG90jK/view
• Folder Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/mobile/folders/1HsmkmjxlbtqjStQrWOyVnTx7REqMZ9UZ

Orochi VoLTE Patch 8.4.27 not working on build. Screen blank after flashing. Tried twice.


I use official twrp-3.2.1-0, others have not tried ...
Full Vipe, all items except Micro SD and OTG.
After wipe systems, reboot from recovery to recovery. (I do not do it myself, but they say it's more right ...)
Installing the firmware.
At will, Ruth.
- >>> Since the version from 8.3.1 SuperSU is built into the auto installation ... <<< ---
- >>> Since version 8.4.10 SuperSU removed from the auto installation ... <<< ---
Wipe dalvik, cache . (I do it out of habit ...)
Reboot to the System.

Ps At the first input, after a clean installation, on the Desktop it breaks the background to white. This is not a critical error, I will find a solution, it will be fixed. Bug because of the "Desktop Background" function, just go to Settings> Desktop> Desktop Background and blur on the "Blur Effect" sliders and below. More this bug does not come out.

Since version 8.5.1 the bug with the white screen, at the first start, has cleaned. The function "Blur background" has been deleted.
Source: 4pda forums and XDA developers
Alexanrin original thread link: https://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=729572&st=37100#entry70478309
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