Telegram will launch blockchain platform this fall


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Oct 14, 2018
Telegram Messenger is ready to launch the TON blockchain platform in the fall of 2018 in test mode. This became clear from the newsletter for investors, which fell into the hands of Vedomosti .
The project team completed work on key components, by the beginning of September the product was 70 percent ready. At the same time, Telegram developers wrote many protocols on their own, without using open source.
According to the development manager of the consortium of developers of the R3 banking blockchain platform, Telegram plans to build its own Internet, developing all the details and structure from scratch. In this case, the company may face unforeseen problems, including network scalability.
The TON blockchain platform, which attracted $ 1.7 billion, will be able to process payments faster than competing Bitcoin and Etherium. Users...
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