Tumblr removed from the App Store because of user content


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Oct 14, 2018
On November 16, the application suddenly disappeared from the App Store. Apple did not comment on the situation; the developers were also silent. And finally it became known that the blame for the content uploaded by the user.
Each of the downloaded file is checked by special filters that compare it with the database of prohibited data. The base is replenished with some delay, which allowed some of the materials to seep into the social network.
We are talking about scenes of child abuse, which is the point of zero tolerance for Apple. Therefore, the application was instantly removed from the App Store, remaining available on Google Play.
In order for the application to return to the site, it must have a clear system for filtering such content, which is written in the rules for application developers.

The administration of the social network said it was already working to improve the...
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