TWRP 3.2.3 for Mi 8 Lite


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Jul 13, 2018
Lenovo Z5
RECOVERY information:
Name Version: Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite Special Edition with modified optimization
package name: TWRP-3.2.3-XIAOMI8LITE- CN-wzsx150-fastboot.7z
build time: 2018.10.03
applicable models: Mi 8 Lite
the compiler author: wzsx150
micro-blog account: wzsx150
team name: LR.Team

The optimizations/changes:

* Delete redundant languages, keep English, add Chinese language, default Chinese.
* Modify the default configuration, for example, the default time zone is East Eight Zone, default screen brightness, default vibration, default 24 hours, default return button on the right, default Chinese and so on.
* Modify the default configuration file path to reduce the possibility of conflicts with other people's compiled versions.
* Adjust and optimize the Chinese text and description, and re-edit all the items one by one, which is more accurate, understandable and humanized. Also added display mtp enable off display, file operation result display, operation page title display, permission description when modifying permissions, etc. UI text display.
* Modify the unlocking interface and adjust the height of the sliding unlocking bar, which can effectively prevent misoperation (the original unlocking bar and the operating unlocking bar are of the same height. When the unlocking is completed, the sliding may be repeated, and the corresponding action is directly operated).
* Open more partition backup and restore, such as modern baseband partition, bootloader, persist, cust and other partitions, easy to backup the underlying files before brushing, can restore the underlying files after brushing.
* Add .bin and .mbn format image files, so you don't need a zip brush package, you can write the underlying file. The original version only supports the brushing of .img format image files. (Be sure to pay attention to the selected partition!!!!)
* Solve the problem of interface jam when using the simulation operation (the simulation operation is mainly for testing the theme, and no actual operation).
* Add the manual installation root function in Advanced Options > root system. Add a display root system option on this basis for manual operation.
* Added the ability to unenforce encryption, in advanced options > Unforce Encryption. You can remove the official system to force encryption and cancel the check.
* Change the built-in root mode and add magisk as the default root mode.
* Fixed button and button operations for some interfaces.
* The adb/usb debug mode is enabled by default, which is convenient for operating the phone through the computer command line in rec mode.
* MTP is enabled by default. In the rec state, you can also connect your phone to your computer to facilitate file copying.
* Modify the logo interface, modify the header of the main interface page, and add the display phone model and team name, author name.
* Fix some logical relationships and modify some interface displays.
* Added clear root function
* Added clear power-on password function
* Added clear battery information function
* Added signature boot function, requires system to have complete system, mainly to prevent official rec cover twrp
* Increase recovery of official rec function, conditions are very demanding, must The official original system and boot, otherwise it can not be successfully executed

Fastboot Flash

How to install:

TWRP Zip can be flashed from other TWRP Versions

Fastboot just run .bat file to install it from fastboot mode

TWRP.img can be flashed manually from fastboot

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