What is VoLTE | Why it is so important?

So, in past 2 years users are looking for devices that are high end with VoLTE support in them. Though half of the users don’t even know what is VoLTE and get confusing, we will explain it to you what it is for.

What is VoLTE?

Voice over LTE, or to be more precise, Voice over Long-Term Evolution is a voice call over your mobile internet, in other words, LTE high-speed wireless communication standard for mobile phones. VoLTE is a technology that enhances the call over the LTE connection without using any actual cellular data from your carrier.

VoLTE uses less bandwidth compared to the normal VoIP(Voice over IP, regular calls without VoLTE) calls, meanwhile charging same amount of money from the carrier. VoLTE helps the 4G connection itself to work as well. And not only that, it significantly does enhance the voice quality in calls. And still not only that, thanks to this technology, it let’s you to use mobile/celluar data while you’re in call simultaneously at the same time.

What does happen if device doesn’t support VoLTE?

volte example
If VoLTE is off/or not supported, the device will probably use 3G/H connection, which is significantly slower. Not only that, the calls will also be on a noticable significantly lower voice quality. Not only that, whenever a call comes in to the device, the internet/data connection will go out, as VoLTE is off, which makes the device not be able to use LTE and calls simultaneously at the same time.

Which devices does support VoLTE?

It’s mostly included in the devices that came with at least 4G connectivity, which was launched around 2009. Though that seems old, not all of the devices supported VoLTE after 2009 as 4G was pretty new. For a VoLTE connectivity to work in call, the device’s hardware, the SIM Card inside of the device, the person’s device+SIM+connection andthe signal you’re connected to should support VoLTE in order for it to work fine.

You can see all VoLTE supported Xiaomi devices from here

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