Which is Better Android vs iOS?

As the technology evolves and smartphone manufacturers put out more and more devices, the question ‘’Which is Better Android vs iOS?’’ becomes more important. Both Android and iOS are operating systems for smartphones. Even though most people think only one of them is the good one, they have their own pros and cons and try to answer Which is Better Android vs iOS? In this article we will try to compare both operating systems.

What is OS (Operating System)?

Operating system is a software that makes using the hardware with simplicity possible. For smartphone there are 2 big operating systems that most of the manufacturers use. Even though multiple brands use android on their smartphones, iOS is used by only Apple products. While Android is an operating system that makes the users feel free, iOS is known by its high security and better apps. Since users cannot change their operating systems, they need to decide ‘’Which is Better Android vs iOS?’’ before buying a smartphone.


Android is a mobile operating system that was created by Google. This operating system was made for touchscreen devices like smartphones and tablets. Android first launched in 2008.


iOS is a mobile operating system made by Apple. iOS was made for Apple’s phones, tablets and music players. The operating system was first launched in 2007.

Differences Between Android and iOS

Both Android and iOS are great mobile operating systems. Even though they are made by different companies and used in different smartphones, they both work well. We should not forget that while trying to answer the question ‘’ Which is Better Android vs iOS? ‘’ most of the differences between both operating systems are based on users’ experiences.

Apart from small visual differences, both operating systems actually gives their users different experiences. While iOS is only usable with iPhones, Android is made for all companies which means variety wise Android is a better choice. But if you set your mind on getting a phone that was made specially by Apple, then iOS will be a better suit for you. For differences, most important one is that iOS does not support 3rd party programs while Android supports them.

This makes it an important difference for mobile program developers since it’s possible to install 3rd party programs with an Android phone. Even though iOS does not support 3rd party programs, it comes with a good side. With phones that use iOS, you will get the best experience from the apps you install on your phone since Apple’s App Store programs are optimized for iPhones. Unfortunately, it is not possible for Android devices since there are way more different models that use Android compared to iOS phones.

App Differences

Since both operating systems use different app stores, there are some apps exclusives to each mobile operating system. Apart from the apps that you can download, voice assistant is an important factor too. While Android phones can only use Google Assistant, iOS users can use both Google Assistant and Siri. Even though Siri was marketed first, Google Assistant is more useful now compared to Siri. But the fact that iOS users can also use Google Asistant makes it a plus side for iOS.

For apps, iOS might be better at optimizations and such, Android having a better variety makes up for the lack of optimization in apps. Apart from the smartphones, if you are willing to buy a tablet for hobbies, iOS might be a better option for you with its higher quality apps compared to Android.


In this article we tried to answer the question Which is Better Android vs iOS? We tried to compare each operating systems apps and their uses. While there are differences between both, the actual choice is for yours to make. While making your decision, you should consider your buying purpose and act accordingly to it since all of these differences does not define which one is better or worse.

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