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Who is manufacturer of POCO smartphones?

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Xiaomi is one of the few smartphone brands to have achieved a significant market share in a relatively short period of time. Their strategy of providing the best hardware at reasonable prices appears to be very successful. The brand has implemented new strategy reforms and plans to ensure an up to date policy. One of them was dividing brands into sub-brands; the brand later introduced sub-brands such as Redmi and POCO. In this post, we will concentrate on the brand POCO and its manufacturing.

Who manufactures POCO smartphones?

The POCO was initially launched as a Xiaomi sub-brand with the goal of providing flagship-level specifications at a very reasonable price. The POCO F1 was the brand’s first smartphone release. It was a flagship-killer phone providing access to the flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset on budget. The smartphone was first introduced in India. The majority of Indian youth are tech-savvy and want a flagship phone but don’t want to spend a fortune on it.

With the passage of time, the brand’s pace of releasing smartphones slowed, and after about a year, Xiaomi announced POCO as an independent brand. We already know how self-sufficient they are! Their smartphones are essentially rebranded Redmi smartphones, and their software is already based on MIUI. Users may be wondering who manufactures the POCO smartphones. The brand was originally introduced for Indian markets and later went globally.

Many of you are already aware that it is a separate brand solely for its namesake. The brand is still heavily reliant on Xiaomi for nearly everything. In terms of production, Xiaomi manufactures the POCO smartphones in their manufacturing facilities. POCO does not currently have its own manufacturing hub. Xiaomi produces smartphones for the brand in their local hubs; for example, smartphones for POCO India are produced in Xiaomi factories in India.

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