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Why LG phones completely failed? | The true reason LG ended making smartphone

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If you ever used LG phones or ever looked up for it and did a research, you problably know that their phones was having little issues on them, which made them look like a bad company in smartphones. But, there’s an actual reason why LG did actually closed down their smartphone sector.

This article will be splitted up to sections, which will seperately tell why did LG failed in these things and so ended up closing on smartphones.


As you problably know, naming in a smartphone is important. For example, iPhone 7, then iPhone 7s, that 7 “s” mark creates a vision in people’s head that it is better than the other, which makes the people buy that phone instead of iPhone 7. Well, this is one of things that LG failed at.

Their phone namings was always like “G3”, “G4”, “G5” or “V10”, “V20”, “V30” and goes and so on. As you can see here, they never added submodels that were slightly higher than the models in namings like how other manufacturers did. This was one of the issues that caused LG to not get any attention as namings for a phone were important.

Or as another example, they did add the naming in a few phones, but it didn’t really make sense as the naming was pretty weird, such as “LG V50 ThinQ”. The “ThinQ” didn’t make any sense to the people, like how iPhone 12 “Pro” or “Max” or “Plus” was.

Forgetable Features

LG phones did many inventions on the market, which alot of other phones do use today but forgotten that it’s actually made by LG phones in first place. Such as double tap to wake, fingerprint sensor on back, modular phones(G5), first dual camera phones, first triple camera phones, first IR sensor(which is actually also used by phones today), and many more that is made by the company, but got forgotten later on that they did it.

Never got the credits

This is a case where it’s close to the one that’s above. As said there, LG made great phones with great new features, which other phones did took advantage of it later on. But, they never gave credit to the actual owner, which was LG. Such as LG Wind, it was a phone with stackable 2 screens, but it never got the credit it deserved, as it was never even known well in first place.

It’s because of that no one bought the LG phones at all actually in first place, because they were tough to recommend. Giving an example, LG made some phones with 60 Hertz while all other manufacturers already moved on to 120 Hertz, or, another example, when other manufacturers using high end chipsets pretty much, LG made a confusing decision and gone with older chips in phone sometimes, which caused phone to fell and got forgetten over time.

Took risks, but never had a consistent device

LG made too many great phones over time by taking many risks, like the dual screen LG V50 and such, but they never were consistent like how other companies took risks. Such as Galaxy Fold, or Mi MIX, which these two devices was also in a risky testing level, but they were mostly consistent to use, while LG ones doesn’t. This was one of the things that made LG really die in smartphones.

They never had a standart point

Think the other brands. Such as Apple, you hate it or love it, but you know what it has and what not, same goes for Samsung and more. But LG made so many different things that it made them look like they don’t have a standart point in smartphones. They just dropped one phone and started other, then dropped that too and later on.

This is all because they never got the attention as they were doing too many things instead of sticking to only one point and making some additional changes later on in the phones. But, they just changed how does their phones work in every phone they release, which made the company look like they never had a standart point and so caused it to die in smartphones.

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