Why Xiaomi Phones are Exploding?

We have come across that Xiaomi phones are getting exploded. In this subject, the Redmi phones are standing in the first place. So, we will explain the reasons for the question ‘’Why Xiaomi Phones are Exploding?’’, and we will also tell you how you can prevent these from exploding and what can cause that.

In recent years, you must have heard that Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s battery was exploding, and then the whole unit was banned because of those events, but if you look at other popular phones like Xiaomi’s Redmi series, you can see that Redmi Note 9 Pro got exploded too, but the other phones from Xiaomi have no explosion like that.

Why Xiaomi Phones are Exploding?

After incidents with a Redmi Note 9 Pro, Poco X3, Poco C3, and Redmi 8, users have many doubts about Xiaomi phones. The company immediately announced that they were replacing the batteries, and solved this problem. If these explosions are not chronical, you must keep an eye on your phone battery to prevent any bad things from happening.

Xiaomi phones are exploding because they are using Lithium-Ion batteries inside the phones. So, you must be careful when you are using your phone. We cannot clearly imply one reason, but we gathered some reasons together to explain the ‘’Why Xiaomi Phones are Exploding?’’ question.

Using Third-Party Charger

When you use the third-party charger, which can result in battery overheating and chances of getting explode real fast. If your phone got any physical damage by dropping down either on the floor, table, etc. there is a chance of battery leakage which further causes an explosion due to highly flammable substance.

So, do not apply high pressure on your smartphone, and do not charge your phone continuously for more hours where it does not require charging or do not charge it constantly. For example, if you charge your phone, even if your battery got 80%, your battery might explode because prolonged charging can decrease your battery capacity.

Charging your Smartphone Continuously

When you are using your phone while charging as it is already hot and becomes hotter when you use your phone while charging, it may result exploding. Be careful of your charger too, because Xiaomi uses different AMP and V in different phones. So, keep in mind that if your charger does not work anymore, you should get yourself a charger with the same specifications.

How to Prevent Xiaomi Phones from Explosion?

You should be following the advice that we have mentioned. Those are important and can prevent the battery of your phone from exploding. If you are using any Xiaomi phones and got the same problem, you can share your comments with us.

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