Will HyperOS based on Android?

In the ever-evolving landscape of mobile operating systems, Xiaomi is set to introduce its latest creation – HyperOS. HyperOS based Android, the upcoming MIUI 15, codenamed HyperOS, promises to bring a new wave of innovation to the smartphone experience. After four years of extensive testing, Xiaomi is gearing up to unveil this cutting-edge Android skin with the launch of the highly anticipated Xiaomi 14, expected to take place in October or November.

Is HyperOS based on Android?

One of the most significant aspects of MIUI 15, or HyperOS, is its Android-based architecture. Xiaomi has switched to HyperOS Android Skin, which will take MIUI, which has been based on Android for years, one step further. All tests have been done on Android and according to the information we have obtained, it will be an Android-based Android interface that is very similar to MIUI.

MIUI’s Evolution

MIUI, Xiaomi’s user interface for its Android-based devices, has undergone a series of transformations over the years. With MIUI 15, Xiaomi aims to push the boundaries of user experience by combining the familiarity of Android with the innovation and customization that MIUI is known for. Users can expect a seamless integration of Xiaomi’s signature features within the Android framework, offering a harmonious blend of performance and functionality.

Also, MIUI has been known as a very bad operating system among users because of the bugs it has had for years. Now, with HyperOS, this problem will be eliminated. If something has a bad name, you can change the name of the same thing and release it again.

Testing and Development

The development journey of HyperOS spans four years, during which Xiaomi conducted rigorous testing to ensure a stable and feature-rich experience. The decision to base the operating system on Android is a result of careful consideration of user preferences, market trends, and the desire to provide a platform that is both reliable and adaptable to the diverse needs of users.

Xiaomi 14 Launch

The official unveiling of HyperOS will be with the launch of the Xiaomi 14 series smartphones. This device is anticipated to showcase the full potential of HyperOS based on Android, highlighting the synergy between hardware and software. The October-November timeline for the launch adds to the excitement, as Xiaomi enthusiasts eagerly await the next chapter in the company’s technological journey.

As Xiaomi prepares to introduce HyperOS, the Android community and Xiaomi users alike are eager to witness the culmination of four years of development and testing. By choosing Android as the before for their latest operating system, Xiaomi demonstrates a commitment to providing users with a familiar yet enhanced experience. With the imminent launch of the Xiaomi 14, the tech world awaits the unveiling of HyperOS and the promise of a new era in mobile innovation.

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