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Xiaomi 12S Ultra vs iPhone 13 Pro – Specs Comparison

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You will see comparison of two expensive flagships in this article. Xiaomi 12S Ultra vs iPhone 13 Pro. If you are trying to select between this devices, this article will help you. Before reading the whole article, a little spoiler. Apple is still lagging behind. Xiaomi uses as much new technology as it can. Let’s move on to the article itself.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra vs iPhone 13 Pro

In general, both do not have superiority that overwhelms each other. both devices are very powerful and useful, giving a premium feel. The iPhone 13 Pro uses the iOS operating system, while the Xiaomi 12S Ultra uses the Android-based MIUI interface. It’s worth mentioning that iOS by interface is pretty fluid. But if you want to install APK on your device, root it, etc., your choice should be in the direction of Xiaomi 12S Ultra. On iOS systems such things are not impossible, but jailbreaking is required to do them, and on iOS systems Jailbreak is usually a very late process.

Long story short, iOS is 1 step ahead in terms of fluidity and stability in terms of interface, but if you are not an end-user, it would be more logical to choose the Xiaomi 12S Ultra.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra vs iPhone 13 Pro – Screen comparison

Xiaomi 12S Ultra has QHD+(1440X3200) 120Hz AMOLED screen. The screen size is 6.73″. This screen has HDR10+, dolby vision, 8,000,000:1 contrast ratio, 10bit color depth, 522 PPI, 240Hz touch response and 1500 nits (max) screen brightness. Xiaomi 12S Ultra’s screen looks pretty full. The ratio of this screen, which is protected by Gorilla glass victus, compared to the device is 89%.

On iPhone 13 Pro side, it has FHD+(1170×2532) 120Hz Super Retina XDR OLED screen. This screen has 460 PPI, it’s lower than Xiaomi 12S Ultra’s. Also iPhone 13 Pro has True tone, 2.000.000:1 contrast ratio and 1200 nits (max) screen brightness. The ratio of the screen to the body protected by Corning Ceramic Shield Glass is 85% on the iPhone 13 Pro.

to be honest, the screen of the Xiaomi 12S Ultra is much better, not counting the Super Retina XDR display and ceramic protection, better pixel density, higher resolution, always on display (Apple still don’t know this.), better contrast ratio, more good screen-to-body ratio. Xiaomi 12S Ultra is better in terms of display.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra vs iPhone 13 Pro – Battery comparison

In fact, there is no need to compare it, everyone knows how far behind Apple is in terms of battery/charging. But let’s take a look anyway. Xiaomi 12S Ultra comes with a 4860mAh battery. This battery has a wired charging speed of 67W. 50W wirelessly. These speeds are quite enough for today. For Xiaomi 12S Ultra, it takes only 43 minutes to charge 0-100 with 67W. In addition, thanks to the +4500 mAh battery, you do not need to charge your device during average use throughout the day.

On the iPhone side, the situation is a little different, almost all companies provide +50W charging speed, while Apple still uses slow charging on their devices. Although over 10W is considered fast charging, 27W (max) is a very low speed compared to its competitors. The iPhone 13 Pro has a 3095 mAh battery. Provides 27W (max) charging speed with wired charging and with this speed, the 3095 mAh battery is fully charged from 0-100 in 1 hour and 51 minutes. The wireless charging speed is 7.5W, which is really funny nowadays. But with MagSafe it can go up to 15W.

Apple has made improvements to the battery recently, although not enough. Probably iPhone 13 Pro can also be used without charging for 1 day in normal use. However, the charging speed is quite low, if it is an important factor, no one would prefer a device that charges in 2 hours instead of 43 minutes. Xiaomi 12S Ultra seems to have made quite a difference in this regard.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra vs iPhone 13 Pro – Camera comparison

The thing that most people are most curious about is the cameras. The most important difference between these two devices is that the Xiaomi 12S Ultra uses 1″ Sony IMX 989. To put it briefly and concisely, bigger sensor means better and quality photos. In addition, it has a very high effect as it captures more light in night shots. On the iPhone 13 Pro, IMX703 with a 1/1.66″ sensor size is used as the main camera. Both devices has OIS (optical image stabilization).

Xiaomi 12S Ultra has quad rear camera system. 50 mpx Main camera, 48 mpx wide angle camera and 48 mpx telephoto camera. Also has 0.3 mpx ToF 3D sensor. And it has video recording support up to 8k 24 FPS. It should also be noted that the Xiaomi 12S Ultra comes with a high-quality Leica lens and camera software. The front camera is a 32 mpx standard front camera in the form of a hole in the screen.

iPhone 13 Pro too has quad rear camera system. main camera, telephoto camera, wide angle camera and ToF sensor. All of that cameras 12mpx. Although megapixel does not play a big role in the quality of the photo, we can say that 12 mpx is a bit old. You must know that Apple is superior to all companies in video, only video recording options are limited to a maximum of 4k 60 FPS. not a big problem. You make the choice about cameras. And specify in the comments.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra vs iPhone 13 Pro – Performance comparison

Xiaomi 12S Ultra uses Snapdragon 8+Gen1 flagship processor manufactured by TSMC. Produced with 4nm technology, this processor runs at 3.2 GHz. On the GPU side, Qualcomm Adreno 730 is used, its frequency is 730 MHz. This performance beast from Xiaomi gets 1,105,958 points from antutu v9. It also uses UFS3.1 as storage. And uses LPDDR5 RAMs.

Apple uses the Apple A15 Bionic chipset. This processor is 6 core. so it’s called hexa-core. Of course, most flagship devices today use octa-core (8 core) processors. Produced with 5nm, this processor runs at 3.1 GHz. And it uses Apple’s 5-core GPU as GPU. They caught the age by using LPDDR5 in RAMs. Antutu v9 score is only 839,675. With fewer cores and lower frequency in general, it can’t be expected to surpass the Xiaomi 12S Ultra anyway. Xiaomi 12S Ultra is ahead in terms of performance.

This is the general comparison, my personal opinion, as an Android lover, will be the Xiaomi 12S Ultra. But you have to choose according to your own criteria. Let me know in the comments which device you like more. Also you can read the general VS between Xiaomi and Apple.

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