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Xiaomi 13 might be released with a ceramic back and various color options!

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There is not much longer till the Xiaomi 13 is released, thus we share articles about Xiaomi 13, we continue to share rumors about the Xiaomi 13! We shared a few of the Xiaomi 13’s design elements in our last article. To learn more about Xiaomi 13, click this link: Xiaomi teases more details on the Xiaomi 13 features! Ceramic back, telephoto camera and more!

Xiaomi 13 is rumored to come in a variety of colors. We previously that Xiaomi 13 might have a ceramic variant.

Xiaomi 13, which might come in these colors, may be made of glass or ceramic, but this is not yet known. As we learn more, we’ll keep informing you. Xiaomi 13 and Xiaomi 13 Pro are the two phones that are rumored to be the Xiaomi 13 series’ initial release.

Xiaomi 13 will have a flat screen, while the Pro model will still have a curved screen. Just like Samsung did with the Galaxy S22 series, Galaxy S22 features a flat screen, while the S22 Ultra has a curved screen.

The accuracy of these color options is still unknown. Despite the fact that it is still only a rumor, we shall all see it together when the phone is released. Alongside this, Xiaomi 13 is anticipated to have UFS 4.0 storage and a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor. With that being said it may be phone that is faster than the majority of 2022 flagships.

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