Xiaomi 13T DxOMark test result reveals a newborn midranger king

Xiaomi 13T series has finally been introduced globally, and Xiaomi 13T DxOMark camera test reveals the strengths and weaknesses of the phone’s camera. Xiaomi 13T series comes equipped with Leica color tuned triple camera setup, consisting of ultrawide angle, main, and telephoto cameras. You can access the technical specs of Xiaomi 13T from our previous article here. This year’s “Xiaomi T series” is quite powerful as the phones feature 2x optical zoom, the previously released Xiaomi 12T series lacked a tele lens.

The camera setup of Xiaomi 13T ranks 60 among the global ranking. This actually shows that the phone’s camera setup is actually not very ambitious, let’s take a look at the detailed camera test published by DxOMark that reveals both the good and bad sides of Xiaomi 13T’s camera.

In this image shared by DxOMark, Pixel 7a and Xiaomi 13T show quite different results in this image taken under a very challenging light conditions. Although Xiaomi 13T image appears to have better dynamic range as the sky is visible, the phone struggles to capture the models’ faces accurately. Both the models’ faces have significant issues in the contrast in Xiaomi 13T’s image.

Another image shared by DxOMark shows how the ultrawide angle camera of Xiaomi 13T, Pixel 7a, and Xiaomi 12T Pro work. All three phones produce different results but none of them are perfect. In our opinion, the image of Xiaomi 12T Pro and Pixel 7a looks better because the model’s hair appears slightly more clear.

Modern smartphones apply a process to make it look better after the photo is taken, this test shows how Xiaomi 13T processes the image. The end result looks quite good as the phone created a balance between bright and dark areas.

Xiaomi 13T DxOMark camera test shows us how the new Xiaomi 13T series performs. Xiaomi 13T has a very solid camera setup, but it can produce unexpected results in some lighting conditions. Be sure to visit the detailed Xiaomi 13T camera test on DxOMark’s own website, you can find more detailed information and video tests on DxOMark’s official website.

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