Xiaomi 14 series comes with ultra storage expansion!

Xiaomi introduced the Xiaomi 14 series and announced a new feature called storage expansion during the launch event. The first details about the storage expansion feature have been revealed today by Xiaomi officials. You purchase a phone, and you might have noticed that the entire storage isn’t fully available for you, as system files naturally take space. Xiaomi has allocated an additional 8 GB of space to users to provide the maximum storage available, and the development of this feature is made with FBO technology.

Xiaomi 14 series will let you to have extra 8 GB storage space if you have a 256 GB phone, and if you have a device with 512 GB of storage, you’ll get an extra 16 GB storage. If you’re curious why Xiaomi has done this this, it’s worth noting that MIUI has gained a reputation among users for being excessively bloated.

Xiaomi’s aims develop a completely new, lightweight user interface while maximizing storage capacity for users. In the past, Xiaomi had allowed users to uninstall certain system applications. According to Xiaomi’s official statements, the new refinements on HyperOS (MIUI) are expected to provide users with approximately 30 GB extra storage compared to other OEMs. By shrinking the space occupied by HyperOS (MIUI), allowing users to uninstall some system apps and the brand new storage expansion, Xiaomi phones will have more available storage compared to other phone manufacturers.

The older Xiaomi phones will not get the storage expansion feature and we might see this feature on the smartphones made by other manufacturers in the future.

Source: Xiaomi

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