Xiaomi 14’s 90W charging speed is confirmed

Xiaomi 14 is set to make debut in the upcoming months, very likely in October or November this year. The charging speed of Xiaomi 14 just came up through the 3C certification even before the official launch. Initial rumors had hinted at a 90W charging speed for Xiaomi 14, and the recently unveiled certificate actually confirms this claim. Xiaomi now adopts a 90W charging standard for its premium devices, we can expect this fast 90W charging capability in more devices, extending beyond Xiaomi 14.

The 3C certification indicates that the upcoming MDY-14-EC charger is set to be used for the device with the model number 23127PN0CC, delivering a maximum output of 90W. As previously detailed in our earlier article, we confirmed that the device identified by the model number ‘23127PN0CC’ corresponds to the standard Xiaomi 14. The charger to be offered with Xiaomi 14 is capable of delivering a maximum output of 90W within the voltage range of 5-20V, at current levels ranging from 6.1-4.5A.

It’s worth noting that 90W charging isn’t the fastest charging speed available for Xiaomi smartphones. However, due to various factors affecting the manufacturing of phones, the fastest charging option may not be suitable for every model. The vanilla Xiaomi 14 will feature a compact design, akin to its predecessor Xiaomi 13.

Since there is not much free space inside the compact phones, smartphone manufacturers can sacrifice charging speed. Xiaomi 13 with a 6.36-inch compact display came with a 4500 mAh battery and 67W fast charging. Xiaomi 14 is known to have 90W fast charging, but the battery capacity is still a mystery.

Via: MyFixGuide

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