Xiaomi already started to work on Redmi Note 12 series, here’s everything we know.

Xiaomi works on the new smartphone series: Redmi Note 12 is listed on 3C certification! Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 11 series was a huge success since CPU in the Redmi Note 11 series was powerful enough for many people, and all phones’ in Redmi Note 11 series have fast charging feature. We don’t have the full details but we know that Xiaomi is currently working on the Redmi Note 12 series.

Redmi Note 11 can be charged with 33W, Redmi Note 11 Pro with 67W, and Redmi Note 11 Pro+ with a lightning quick 120W. Only “Redmi Note 11” features Snapdragon processor among these 3 models. We don’t have the full specifications of Redmi Note 12 but it is very likely to come with a MediaTek processor as well.

Redmi Note 12

Redmi Note 12 itself and its charging speed is listed on the 3C certification. Usually Xiaomi phones receive certification from 3C prior to their initial release.

The model number of Redmi Note 12 is “22101316C” and it is equipped with 67W fast charging support. (20V/6.2A-3.25A 67W MAX). The codename of Redmi Note 12 is “ruby“. We don’t know when it will be released but Redmi Note 12 will have Android 12 preinstalled out of the box.

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