Xiaomi Band 8 and portable Bluetooth speaker Sound Move have been revealed!

Xiaomi unveiled many products at the Xiaomi 13 Ultra launch event on April 18th, Xiaomi Pad 6 series, Xiaomi Band 8, Sound Move, and more. To read articles on Xiaomi 13 Ultra and Xiaomi Pad 6 series, you may click on this link and this link respectively.

Xiaomi Band 8

Xiaomi Band 8 boasts a simplistic and lightweight design similar to previous Mi Bands. It measures only 10.99mm thick and weighs 27 grams with the strap included. The band also features a 1.62-inch OLED display with a resolution of 192×490 (326 ppi) and a brightness of 600 nits. Xiaomi Band 8 is available with straps made of different materials, such as metal or leather.

Xiaomi Band 8’s brightness can automatically adjust based thanks to the light sensor it has. The band has a 190 mAh battery that can last up to 16 hours with always-on mode disabled and up to 6 hours with always-on mode enabled.

You can purchase the extra accessory that allows you to wear Xiaomi Band 8 on your feet, providing more comprehensive exercise data. Xiaomi Smart Band 8 is capable of tracking a range of information, including stride length, step intensity, and brisk walking status when you wear it on your foot. Xiaomi calls this “running bean mode“.

This wristband also includes features that are commonly found in previous Mi Band series, such as 5ATM water resistance, heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen level tracking, stress monitoring, and sleep tracking. Xiaomi Band 8 comes in two models, one with NFC and one without. It is currently unclear which model will be released globally. The price of Xiaomi Band 8 is set at approximately 34 USD or 239 CNY in China. Note that Xiaomi Band 8 without NFC has a model number of M2239B1, while Xiaomi Band 8 with NFC has a model number of M2240B1.

Xiaomi Sound Move

The latest Bluetooth speaker from Xiaomi is put into an aluminum chassis. Xiaomi aimed for this speaker to be a true smart device, in addition to powering it on ot off, it also features a sleep mode. You can put the device to sleep mode and wake it for fast pairing with your devices.

Additionally, the speaker has numerous buttons that enable you to toggle the microphone on and off, adjust the music volume, turn the speaker on and off  and play or pause the music. Xiaomi Sound Move measures 17.7cm × 5.55cm × 5.55cm, and weighs 568 grams.

Sound Move includes two 7.5W speakers sized in 1.75-inches and 2 passive radiators, allowing it to produce a maximum volume of 90 dB. The device’s 4150 mAh battery enables up to 21 hours of music playback and 15 days of standby time. The speaker has Bluetooth 5.3, LHDC codec, and was developed in cooperation with Harman Kardon. Sound Move has IP66 rating as well. Sound Move is priced at 699 CNY in China which is around 101 USD.

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