Xiaomi continues to bleed in phone market, 36% drop in Europe!

Xiaomi is facing shortage in European smartphone market, along with other brands. According to research, the European smartphone market is facing a massive 12% decline in Q1 2022. The semiconductor shortage in China and the worldwide COVID-19 factors are some of reasons. Other brands have also experienced a great decline, while Samsung has been maintaining its leadership since Q1 2020. Reports state that, this decline in European market is the largest since 2013.

Xiaomi is Facing Shortage, YoY is -36%

Xiaomi is facing shortage, but it’s not responsible. Shortage of semiconductor components, worsening economic conditions due to ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war, and geopolitical environment are the main causes of this market crisis. In the Counterpoint report, it’s stated that Europe will witness more such declines in the future.

According to report, Samsung maintains the top. In Q1 2022, it continued to make the biggest contribution to smartphone shipments with 35%. Apple ranks second in European market with a %25 shipment share.

Xiaomi is ranked 3rd in smartphone shipments in Europe. Xiaomi is facing a -5% drop from 19% market share to 14% market share. YoY (year-over-year) experienced a decrease of 36%. It’s a slightly more average value than other brands, but there is a decrease of -36% YoY (year-on-year). Redmi and POCO are also included in Xiaomi category.

OPPO and Realme placed 4th and 5th in European smartphone shipments market, with %6 and %4 market share, respectively. Realme is only brand to record annual shipment growth in the Q1 2022. Redmi and POCO are also included in Xiaomi category. Oneplus brand is included in OPPO category. As you know, these brands are sub-brands. For more information, you can find link of Counterpoint’s research here.

Researcher Comments and Conclusion

According to researchers, Russia-Ukraine war has a big impact on them, and COVID-19 related semiconductor crisis is another issue. Let’s hope everything gets better as the day goes on. Because there is a risk that these decreases in brands will reflect on users as expensive price tags.

But as we look ahead, the overall situation is expected to get worse before it gets better. Many countries in Europe are dangerously close to recession, and Russian-Ukrainian war is unlikely to be resolved anytime soon. Don’t forget to stay tuned for more, your ideas and opinions are valuable to us. We will be reading your comments below.

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