Xiaomi cuts down their phone lineup after the decline of sales in India.

Xiaomi, once India’s leading smartphone company for an extended period, is now experiencing a slight decline. This downturn is attributed not only to new restrictions imposed by the Indian government on Chinese OEMs but also due to the rising success of Samsung and other competitors while Xiaomi’s performance wanes.

Xiaomi’s phone sales decrease in India – Fewer phones to launch

India is a crucial market for Xiaomi, second only to China, and the company is concerned about the falling sales in the country. A notable observation is that while Samsung excels in offline sales, Xiaomi predominantly relies on online orders for phone sales in India. This raises the question: Why do Indian consumers prefer other brands over Xiaomi when they go to a physical store?


Muralikrishnan B., President at Xiaomi India, remarked during a recent news conference, “This year, will we be number one? No, we will not be. These are long-term playoff games.”

Xiaomi is actually aware of they’re not going too well in India. To regain their popular standing in the Indian market, Xiaomi has devised a plan that includes reducing the number of phone launches and prioritizing an enhanced customer experience. The company seems to be shifting their focus towards providing users with better experiences rather than flooding the market with numerous phone releases.

What do you think about Xiaomi India’s situation? If you previously owned a Xiaomi phone and switched to another branded one, what would make you switch back to Xiaomi again?

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