Xiaomi Dreams 2.0: build your own Xiaomi smartphone using any part you want!

Xiaomi makes it possible to create your unique phone with Xiaomi Dreams 2.0. You can create your own phone from scratch using your own parts and you can determine how much your ideal phone is worth as well.

Xiaomi Dreams 2.0

Xiaomi Dreams 2.0 is available online at Xiaomi Russia’s website and Xiaomi has launched it as a game. An animation is displayed once every new component you add to the phone.

In addition to the animation, they display explanations of the parts used. Xiaomi had already developed a comparable application in the past and the second version is here. Dreams 2.0 was recently launched by Xiaomi in Russia, however anyone outside of Russia can access it by visiting their internet address.

Xiaomi has previously launched a similar website which you can find from this link. This second version provides better animations and lets you to save your smartphones into your Mi Account.

Here’s a smartphone we created on buildmi.ru. We have used Snapdragon 870 processor, wide and telephoto lenses. An estimated price is provided at the conclusion of the phone building, and the phones that use the same components as yours are displayed below.

For instance, POCO F3, Xiaomi 12X and POCO F4 equips the processor we used, Snapdragon 870.

What do you think about Xiaomi Dreams 2.0? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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