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Xiaomi Group Announces the Promotion of Lu Weibing to Group President!

Xiaomi Group announced that Lu Weibing has been promoted to group president. Normally, Lu Weibing is the manager of Xiaomi’s sub-brand Redmi. He is responsible for and manages all of the Redmi products. Once a Redmi product is developed and he controls it and according to his comments, the development process continues.

Recent statements show that Lu Weibing has been promoted to group president. It was recently revealed that Chairman Wang Xiang will retire on December 30. Xiaomi had announced that Lu Weibing would take over the task.

Xiaomi Group Management Changes

Xiaomi announced that Lu Weibing has been promoted to head the group’s international trade department while also stating that he will head the group’s ecological chain department, smartphone department, white goods department, and China-India regions. The big tech giant also made changes in the roles of different people in the group.

Wang Xiaoyan, Qu Heng, and Ma Ji were promoted to vice presidents of the group. Wang Xiaoyan will be the group chairman in China. Qu Heng will head the group’s technical-quality committee, as well as the purchasing committee in addition. As for the ending, it was stated that Ma Ji will take over as the general manager of the group’s internet business department.

The announcement follows rumors that thousands of employees will be laid off. This caused some chaos and panic in the company. Because there are reportedly enough layoffs to seriously affect most departments. We will report all developments regarding the news. Don’t forget to leave a comment below and stay tuned for more.


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