Xiaomi India aims to improve offline sales to increase phone sales across the country

Xiaomi India’s president, Muralikrishnan B has explained the company’s commitment to boosting sales through official retail stores in India. Xiaomi has retail stores across different regions of India, and customers in India prefers offline shopping rather than the online. Approximately 56% of phone sales in India are conducted through offline channels, and Xiaomi India aims to further increase their product sales in the stores.

Xiaomi India to hire more salespeople and sell more products in the stores

While the majority of Indians prefer purchasing the smartphones from physical stores, Xiaomi’s position in India has gone a little different. They have achieved around 34% of their sales through retail stores, which is lower than the average of offline sales in India.


To reach more offline sales, Xiaomi plans to hire more salespeople and strengthen partnerships, such as with Xiaomi TV, to sell a wider range of products. These efforts aim to reverse the recent decline in sales of entry-level devices in India.

What are your thoughts on Xiaomi India? Feel free to share your opinions about Xiaomi in the comments section, considering the company’s intention to turn around its sales performance. Would you order a Xiaomi device through online website or buy it on the physical Mi Store?

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