Xiaomi is expanding production capacity in India!

According to Reuters report, Xiaomi is making a deal with Dixon, the second electronics manufacturer in India. This agreement will enable smartphones to be offered for sale at more affordable prices. Because the new products will be produced in India in partnership with Dixon. With this, Dixon shares are up 4%.

Xiaomi will produce more in India!

In 2018, Xiaomi made a deal with Dixon to manufacture Xiaomi TVs. And now in 2023, a new decision is being made. Xiaomi smartphones will be produced in partnership with Dixon. As a result of this agreement, new products are expected to be sold at a lower price.

In addition to all this, Xiaomi has also started to focus on audio products. It has been announced that it will manufacture wireless audio products in India under the Optiemus collaboration framework. Xiaomi’s head of India says more stores will open over time. He stated that such a step was taken to reduce costs.

India is now becoming a manufacturing hub, many smartphone manufacturers have started to manufacture their new products in India. This step, which is in India after China, is an indication that better things will happen over time. Of course, keep in mind that it has some shortcomings. We know that generally products made in India suffer more damage. The explosion problem of smartphones, which users experience, is a very important risk. In the productions, attention should be paid to the quality-control part.


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