Xiaomi joins Metaverse!

Xiaomi, which is in many sectors other than mobile products, started to be closely interested in the virtual world with the new patent application. According to the patent application, Xiaomi joins Metaverse. It includes a number of things related to creating virtual characters.

Cryptocurrencies and Metaverse are on the agenda of the whole world. Metaverse technology is getting better by the day and many users can’t wait to experience it. Xiaomi is also officially entering the Metaverse by keeping up with the innovations. The details of the patent application are quite impressive.

Xiaomi joins Metaverse: New Virtual Characters!

Users will be able to create a virtual character and then train it. Characters can be fed, clothed and equipped with many other abilities. According to the details in the application, the method of creating the characters is quite simple. The new patent application provides some details about the image parameters and other things needed to create the virtual character. The new characters to be created have unique gene sequences.

Characters are all different from each other. New virtual characters powered by blockchain technology can be the new entertainment for users. These virtual characters are unique and non-replicable thanks to the blockchain. In addition, this technology is highly reliable and decentralized.

Similar to this patent application, Xiaomi launched a virtual pet rabbit called “Crypto Rabbit” in 2018. Xiaomi, which was way ahead of its time, removed Crypto Rabbit on March 1, 2022. The crypto bunny that the brand unveiled in 2018 had an encrypted structure and was unique. From the moment you create the rabbit, it cannot be copied or modified by others.


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